A Quiet Sunday Morning Run …




Cherry blossoms.


Happy little tulip.


Quiet path to run on.


Cute little bridge to run over. 🙂

I’m fortunate enough to have lots of quiet paths near my place to take a quiet Sunday morning run. I did a leisurely 5k (my last recovery run before getting back into a training schedule) and popped into the grocery store for some eggs for breakfast.

Unfortunately you can’t run home with eggs – but I had a nice 2.5k walk home…followed by some French toast.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday run.




9 thoughts on “A Quiet Sunday Morning Run …

  1. Ha, is this Oakville? They look like the paths near my work, I walk them every day and run on them sometimes after.

  2. Love your quiet paths. Late today I needed to get a run in, and managed to make it include an errand, making it home with a carton of cream for morning coffee – even without my lightweight backpack.

    • It’s cool being able to work those errands into your runs. Every once in a while my run on strava.com will have the title “ran home from mechanic” or “ran back to pick up truck”. How fun not to have to jump in the car for everything. And good job on resisting the urge to pick up more than just cream. 🙂 (I’ve walked home with a bag of milk muttering “what was I thinking”…)

  3. Beautiful. I Love quiet trail runs like that. Such happiness in them.

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  5. Beautiful pictures! I found your blog on Running without Regrets! Looking forward to following you.

  6. Love it. Have a beautiful run along the Rogue River like that.

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