Muggy Morning Runs – Flowers, Bunnies and Finding a Way to Get It Done!


As soon as I stepped foot outside this morning, I had doubts about finishing my run this morning.  Not a good sign that you don’t think you can finish before you even start. 🙂

It was muggy this morning – at 7:30 the humidity made 20C feel like 27C. I figured I’d try to get in about 5K when I started running, but about 1/2 a kilometer in I was already mentally cutting my run down to a 3K. I decided to veer off the sidewalk onto a natural path in our neighbourhood to see if it felt better – it didn’t. However, I did notice how beautiful all the wildflowers looked in the morning light. I decided to stop and take a picture… and then another picture… and my morning run turned into a run/nature picture taking and appreciation. I stopped frequently, but I managed to turn my 5k into a very sweaty but enjoyable 6.7k. I also noticed for the first time how many gorgeous wildflowers there are on my running path – and I managed to perhaps creep out a few walkers by crouching red faced and sweaty at the side of the path taking flower pictures… hehe.

Here are a few of my favorites from my run – and I’m glad I got it done – whatever it took.





And this little guy that stopped to see what the sweaty lady was doing...

And this little guy that stopped to see what the sweaty lady was doing…

How do you make it through your run on those days when you just don’t think you can get  done? Hope you get out running today. 🙂





18 thoughts on “Muggy Morning Runs – Flowers, Bunnies and Finding a Way to Get It Done!

  1. Great pics! I especially love the one of the bunny. It was hot where I am too, this morning, and I chickened out and opted for an airconditioned gym and the treadmill. No photo ops there, I’m afraid. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! And a bunny! Contrats on making it through – you’re a winner this time.

  3. Nice work Jackie! We need to make running fun again. Especially on tough mornings, we need to be able to appreciate what we can do and the wonders of nature where we get to enjoy what we do.

  4. Beautiful pics! How nice to run out in nature with wildflowers and bunnies 🙂
    Gotta tell ya though, I would kill for 27 C, that’s not hot at all around here. It has been 30 to 35 C every day here for about 3 weeks now! Been feeling all out of sorts lately because it is literally 94 F here by 8:30 a.m. and so haven’t been running for 2 weeks. Finally got a pass to a gym so I can at least use a treadmill until this ridiculous weather is over!

    • Yeah, it’s not that hot for here either. I get teased quite a bit for being a wuss about running in warm weather. I prefer -10C to 10C for running, but I love the heat otherwise. I also hate, hate, hate winter and snow, but when they closed the schools because it was -34C out, I was out running. 🙂 Just doing my best today to try to enjoy running in the humidity…

  5. I wish I did what you did on your run with the photos. I had a similar experience this morning – super hot, sunny, and air so thick you could barely breathe walking. It was ROUGH. Got it done, but yours looked way more pleasant with the pretty flowers!!!!

  6. It’s tough running in the humidity. Worth it for the lovely photos. We have a hard frost outside right now, was lovely to see a glimpse of warm.

  7. Sometimes those runs can turn out to be amazing. I sometimes try to get out for a run where I just stop and take pictures of my surroundings, even taking a few minutes just to appreciate where I am. I guess it doesn’t always have to be about miles and splits.. 🙂

  8. I’m with you in running in the heat and humidity, about to do it myself. Those pictures are amazing if taken by phone, what phone do you have that takes such amazing photos!?

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Every season has their beauty, including those sultry summer days. Hope you did have a good summer Jackie. Soon enough it will be snow and winter here in Ontario!

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