This month’s Strava challenge: 1500m in elevation

Strava’s monthly challenges often give me that shove I need to go a little further, a little faster, a little longer, a little higher…

One of Strava’s challenges this month is to get 1500m in elevation over the month. I love these elevation challenges. While I don’t live in a super hilly area, I also don’t live in a flat neighbourhood. I often rue the fact that I don’t have a flat place to run and that since I live on a hill, my last km is always uphill.

When Strava has an elevation challenge, I end up seeking out instead of avoiding all those hills with 40m of elevation. I find myself doing my best to pack as much elevation into a 5 or 10k as is possible and taking advantage of every little up and down.


All my hill training pays off in races when, without any extra effort on my part, I find myself passing people on hills.

It’s amazing what a Strava Climbing Challenge “digital finishers badge” in my virtual Trophy Case will make me do…

Need some motivation? Check out to track your runs, train and challenge yourself.




Update:  With a little help from my week in Vermont (I will do my best not to complain about my “hilly” neighbourhood anymore…) I completed the challenge and then some. Happy running.


2 thoughts on “This month’s Strava challenge: 1500m in elevation

  1. That picture doesn’t do the hill justice…

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