Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

I’ve been MIA from the blog the last month or so, and I deserted Jackie to look after things.  Sorry, Jackie! January wasn’t a good month for me.  I’m not usually a complainer when it comes to the weather, but this winter has been really tough.  The weather, combined with being sick and tired, left me with no motivation to run or to blog about it.

But, we are having a few “warm” days this week where the temperatures are just around freezing.  Today the sun was shining and it even felt like spring.  So, I’m hoping that I get some motivation back and some ambition to write.

Back in December, Jackie lent me the Runner’s World Cookbook.  I made a list of recipes I wanted to try, but never got around to it.  Finally, tonight for supper, I tried the recipe for Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was!


This recipe is super quick to make, especially if you have leftover cooked chicken breast hanging out in the fridge.  It took me less than 10 minutes to throw it together.  It made dinner for two, with enough extra for one or two lunches.   The only changes I made to the recipe were to omit the dried cranberries (my husband doesn’t like them) and to toast the bread.


This recipe contains lots of great nutrients for runners, and the book labels it as a recovery meal.  I guess I better get out running to reap the benefits!

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Hummingbird Muffins

I was reading through some of my back issues of Runner’s World and came across this recipe for Hummingbird Muffins in the May, 2013 issue. Runner’s World suggested these would be an energizing prerun breakfast and I enjoy sweet things for breakfast so I  decided to give the recipe a try. They are delicious.  Really delicious. They are sweet, have a great texture, and are filling. There are a lot of ingredients, but they were pretty easy to make. This is what mine turned out like:


The recipe includes pineapple, bananas, pecans and vanilla whey protein powder among the ingredients and the nutrition information is as follows:

Calories:   275

Carbs:       43g

Fiber:         2g

Protein:      6g

Fat:              10g

Here is the link to the Hummingbird Muffin recipe:

On a related, back issues, note…



The irony isn’t lost on me. 😉

– Jackie –Jackie

Goal Setting and a Giveaway

With 2014 only three days away, it’s a natural time to start thinking about our running goals for the new year.  In years past, I’ve always set performance based goals.  I’ve wanted to reach a certain time at a certain race.  But, after reading this article, I’ve realized that my goals have probably been hindering me, rather than helping me improve.

In 2013, I set two goals for my 10k time and my half-marathon time that I didn’t achieve.  I was disappointed with myself, especially because I felt like I was physically capable of reaching them.  Although I did run personal bests in both distances and I was happy about that, it was overshadowed by the missing those time goals.


I had the slow race blues. 🙂

Really, time goals are useless without training goals.  You can say you want to run a 10k in 45 minutes, but without developing a plan to get there, you will never achieve it.  However, if you set training based goals, focusing on the process of increasing your fitness and health, you are are bound to naturally improve your running times.  As a bonus, you will be happy for running your best without the disappointment of not reaching an ambitious time goal.

So, this is what I’m going to do in 2014.  I’m going to forget about reaching a certain time.  I’m going to concentrate on being more consistent in my training, stop neglecting my long runs and hill workouts, and improve my pacing.   I haven’t set my specific goals yet, but they will be based around the process of becoming a stronger runner instead of the end goal.

With this in mind, Jackie and I thought we’d have a giveaway to help you reach your goals in 2014.  We’re giving one Runner’s World 2014 Daily Calendar, which is full of training tips for each day of the year!

CalendarThis giveaway is available to residents of North America and is open until January 1, 2014.

Click here to enter the giveaway!

QUESTION: What is one of your goals for 2014?

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