Hummingbird Muffins

I was reading through some of my back issues of Runner’s World and came across this recipe for Hummingbird Muffins in the May, 2013 issue. Runner’s World suggested these would be an energizing prerun breakfast and I enjoy sweet things for breakfast so I  decided to give the recipe a try. They are delicious.  Really delicious. They are sweet, have a great texture, and are filling. There are a lot of ingredients, but they were pretty easy to make. This is what mine turned out like:


The recipe includes pineapple, bananas, pecans and vanilla whey protein powder among the ingredients and the nutrition information is as follows:

Calories:   275

Carbs:       43g

Fiber:         2g

Protein:      6g

Fat:              10g

Here is the link to the Hummingbird Muffin recipe:

On a related, back issues, note…



The irony isn’t lost on me. 😉

– Jackie –Jackie


Healthy Garden Salad – Edamame and Black Beans

garden salad

I thought today I’d quickly share a recipe with you all.  It’s just a simple salad, but this recipe has regularly made it into my rotation for dinners, lunches, and potlucks over the past six months.  Follow this link to for the recipe.

It’s called the Healthy Garden Salad.  The name is very boring.  I think it does a terrible job of describing the salad or enticing you to try it.  It’s kind of like calling a recipe for lasagna, Meat Noodle Casserole.  Yes, it’s an accurate description, but you could be getting anything!

Despite the name, I love this recipe because, even in the winter, it is hearty and filling, without leaving you feeling stuffed.  I stick to the recipe fairly closely.  However, I sometimes subsitute olive oil for the grapeseed oil.  I also add more fresh cilantro than the recipe calls for if I have it.

My favourite way to eat this salad is to pile it onto a bed of baby spinach, and then top it with more goodies.  It tastes amazing topped with dried cranberries, pepitas, real bacon bits, goat cheese, and pecans.  I know that sounds like a lot of extras, but the combination is heavenly.

Have you ever tried this recipe?

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