My Epiphany


I’ve had an epiphany. I should eat better. Okay – I know that’s nothing new, I’m sure I read articles almost daily everywhere I go on eating healthy. But the other day, I read an article on the blog Run to the Finish called Get lean, get fast and stay strong.  It was an article about fueling your body and eating right as a runner. Again, I know that’s nothing new, but there was a sentence in the post that finally hit home with me. She said “You’d never buy cheap running shoes; why put fake, low cost food into your body.” And then I thought about how silly I’ve been all this time. I’ve been telling myself (and frankly anyone who comments on my eating habits) that I like eating and that’s why I run. That it’s no big deal for me to eat cupcakes and burgers and poutine (fries, cheese curds, gravy – enough said). However, I will only wear Mizuno running shoes ($150), I favor Lululemon tights ($100) to run in and I can’t go anywhere without my Garmin GPS watch, but I’ll fuel my body with sugary treats, fatty foods and often skip the fruits and vegetables. Where is the sense in that?


It reminds me of when I started running. Up until I started running, I didn’t work out. I didn’t enjoy working out and I teased my friends who did work out. However, when I got to around 36 or 37, I noticed a few pounds creeping on and I figured that it was now or never. Either I got into shape before I hit forty or I might never do it. I chose running. Of course, I hated it at first, but I stuck it with it and slowly, very slowly, I started to like it. Then I wished I had started sooner – all those years of running I’d missed out on. Now my running shoes go almost everywhere I do – you never know when an opportunity to run will arise.

runningclothesarepretty mississauga3

That’s a lot of gear!

So what if it’s the same with eating healthy? What if I start to enjoy healthy foods as much as I enjoy a burger and poutine? What if I’ve been missing out all these years because I’m content with what I’ve been doing? I had been making some baby steps (little, itty bitty, tiny baby steps) towards healthiness and I bought a Vitamix (I needed a blender that would make kale perfectly smooth in a smoothie). It was a surprise to me that I found that I like a banana strawberry smoothie as much, if not better than a Blizzard.

Well, Run to the Finish’s article may have just given me the push that I need to make a change.

Please (please, please) comment with your favourite, tried and true recipes for healthy entrees. (Oh, and keep in mind that I’m a newbie to this and it needs to resemble real food – heehee). I know as an over 40 runner, that this will be a benefit to me and I know that my fellow blogger and new mom, Amanda, would also appreciate some new recipes to kick start her trek back into running. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us!





December Favourites


I saw this image on Pinterest about a week into our 31 Day Running Challenge.  I thought about it a lot when all I could fit in was a mile long run.  With the snow and ice, I was definitely working twice as hard.


This is the Nike Allover Flash running jacket.  I don’t have this jacket, but I had to include it.  Although it’s way out of my price range, I’ve been pining over it for about a year.  It’s just so cool.  It would be nearly impossible to go unseen at night when you’re wearing this jacket.   If you haven’t seen the Nike Flash fabric in action yet, check out this video.  Believe me, you’ll be impressed.


Blog of the Month:

This is an awesome blog with great information on foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening.  If you’re hurting, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a post on how to help yourself.


Healthy Recipe:

I’ve made this oatmeal bake twice now, and it is delicious.  It is perfect for those mornings when you feel like having something special for breakfast.  This is warm, sweet and comforting.  Like recipe says, on lazy mornings, you can quickly whip this up, put it in the oven, and go back to bed for an extra half hour of slumber.

baked oat meal 4

Baked Oatmeal for Two recipe

Incredible Appetizer:

My mouth waters every time I look at this recipe. Can’t wait to have an opportunity to try it!

Grilled Soft Cheese Thyme Honey and Fresh Figs recipe

Video of the Month:

If you haven’t seen this T-Rex illusion, make sure you watch it!  I’ve been showing all my family and friends, so I may as well share it here too.  The music, the slow panning camera, and those T-Rex eyes…it’s all so calming.

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