18K – My First Real Long Run Since My Injury… and only 3 weeks til my 30k

After my botched 20k yesterday that quickly turned into a 7k, I hoped to get the full 20k in today. The temperature was perfect for running, a gray but warmer -2. I was able to run comfortably in regular running tights, compression socks and 2 long sleeved running shirts. It’s nice to be able to run without several more layers of constrictive running clothing for warmth.


Since I hurt my leg in December I haven’t done much running at all. My longest run lately was 11k, so I was hoping to do 20k in about 2hrs. Well, I ran until 18k  (144m of elevation) and I was so exhausted that the run ended there, but I managed to do it in 1:47 which made me happy. The 30k Around the Bay Road Race that I signed up for before I hurt myself is only 3 weeks away.  I’m hoping to do a 21k this Tuesday and maybe a 25k the following weekend. Hopefully I’ll be prepared enough that I can finish the race.

Anyway, an 18k, even though it is 2k short of 20k, still deserves a treat. I made this awesome Apple Fritter cake, and ate several pieces of it. It is delicious – I’ll be making this again and again. (BTW if you make it, I doubled the apples and only cooked it for about 30 minutes based on other peoples comments and it turned out perfectly)


I’ll be a little anxious over the next 3 weeks worrying about the race. If you have any suggestions of what I can do over the next 3 weeks to be a little more prepared, I’d love the advice!

Happy running!


– Jackie –


BRRRR – Chilly spring morning running


Well, I had planned to do my 20k training run this morning – and it didn’t quite turn out as planned. It got up to a high of 2C today (so nice to have temps above freezing finally!), so I mistakenly thought that early this morning it would already be nice, you know, maybe a nice -8 or so. It ended up being -18C when I woke up, and still -18C when I started my run around 6:45. It was a beautiful morning, but almost immediately I knew that my running tights weren’t going to keep me warm enough – you’d think living in Canada that I’d have a proper pair of winter running tights by now. I kept going until it was clear my legs were not going to warm up, and at 7k (and still -17C) I made it back home and decided tomorrow will be my 20k day.


I was aiming for visibility when I got dressed this morning – so I wore all the bright runner colors. 🙂

I broke out my pink Mizuno Wave Rider 9s for their maiden voyage. Can’t wait for dry sidewalks, they’re coming, I can feel it. Even though it was so cold, it was soooo nice to be out on such a beautiful sunny morning and see the sun coming up. Yay for spring mornings – even if they are -18C.

Did you have a beautiful running morning where you were?

– Jackie –

Getting back to running … slowly

I haven’t been running outside.


toosnowytorun tooyuckytorun

I can hardly wait for spring.

I’ve been recovering from hurting my calf muscle back in December, so I’ve done no running outside since January 1st. I had to take several weeks off completely before starting back to short 10 minute runs. My goal of maintaining the level of fitness throughout the winter went out the window. My injury has finally healed and I’ve managed to get up to 21 minutes of running without feeling pain, so I’m feeling pretty good about recovery. What I’m not feeling good about is the 30k Around the Bay Road Race that I have coming up in less than 2 months.

I took some comfort today in a post called “Revisiting my 2014 Goals” on Motivation. She talked about her excitement for the new year of running and how an injury has changed her goals. She listed her original goals and how she has modified them. Although I know that there are tons of people going through this, when all your running friends are training while you are injured,  it’s nice to read a fellow blogger’s experience.

So now my big goals for a personal best at the 30k have taken a backseat to trying to get back in shape enough just to finish the race comfortably. Do you think it can be done? (Seriously)

This weekend I’m going to do a 3o min and see if I can do more than one set of this Kettle Bell workout from the 30 Day Fitness Challenge website. I only got through the whole thing once and I’ve been sore for 2 days.


I hope your running year has started off better than mine! 🙂

Question: What do you do, besides a treadmill, to keep up your cardio when you can’t run outside?


– Jackie –



Yeah, I’d Run That… Photo Inspiration











Congratulations to Laura Parsons who won our draw for the Run Less Run Faster book. Thanks to everyone who entered!


Yeah, I’d run that…


I reached an interesting level in running I never thought I’d encounter.  I really started out just running to get in shape. I hated every moment of it. My friend Shannon, who inspired me to start running, loved running. I couldn’t wrap my head around loving it and I never thought that I would never be one of those people. I would always struggle through it. Slowly though, it started changing for me. At first I still didn’t enjoy it, but when I saw other people running, I thought “oh, I wish I was running”. Then I started actually enjoying parts of my run and the feeling of pushing myself which was, believe me, something new for me.

It has progressed for me into wanting, or needing to bring my running gear with me almost everywhere I go. Going to a friends house…they live near a park right? Going camping…ooo, they have treed paths there. Going to the cottage…yay beach running. Actually, I’ve never had more enjoyable half marathon training than my training runs in Bayfield. I’d run my 17 – 20k  through streets of quaint cottages. I’d finish my runs down by the beach and stand in lake Huron for 10 minutes to cool down before heading to the Pink Flamingo Bakery for a pink lemonade cupcake and a coffee. Oh my, a cupcake(s) never tasted so good.

So now, wherever I go I see somewhere I’d like to run. Not far from my house they paved a bike path beside a busy road. It’s 2k long and has a dotted yellow line down the middle, it’s just begging me to run it. If I see a road with a steep hill I wonder how many meters of elevation it has. Running has given me a totally new appreciation for my surroundings…


Oh yeah – I’d run that!

– Jackie – Jackie