Have a great race day everyone!

For all the Around the Bay 30k runners, ultra runners and other racers. Have a great race day. And enjoy one of my favorite race signs:



Race week and Knee pain – eek!


Yesterday I decided to get out for a quick 5k. The week before race day always messes with my head. I don’t want to overdo it, but I feel like I should do something… I inevitably end up doing the wrong thing.

After being away all weekend, eating poorly and not running, I figured I had to do something, and by the time I got out I only had time for a 5k. Of course I throw all reason out the window and disregard the fact that I am still recovering from an injury and that I should be careful because I’ve upped my mileage from 8k to 24k in only a few weeks. So I sped through my 5k and pushed myself to the limit. I ran a 5k in only under a minute slower than my fastest time – not smart when you are recovering – I know.

I paid for it last night. I had periodic shooting stabbing pains in my knee all night. I’m going to take it easy running-wise until race day and I’m going to get a massage later today because I’m sure it’s all my overworked muscles pulling on my poor knee. I keep forgetting – I’m older than I think I am. Sigh.

I did a quick search and found a neat video on massage for knee therapy that looks informative.


Any advice on knee pain for someone who chronically makes poor decisions while training?

I know some of you have races this weekend – some bigger than my 30k. Have a great race weekend!



– Jackie –





24k – Close enough!

With my Around the Bay 30k coming up in less than 2 weeks, I managed to get out this past Monday for my last long training run. I had hoped to get up to 25k, but once again, I found myself talking my way through the run kilometer by kilometer. I was only at about 8k when I was telling myself that I never want to run a long race again. Another km later, I decided even half marathons were too long. By 10k, I thought I didn’t even want to race 10s anymore and shortly after, I decided that walking a 5k fun run sounded good. I relayed this to my sister-in-law, Mandy, and she informed me that this hard winter has turned me into a wimp and that I’ll be fine when the weather warms up. She must be right because since then, I’ve signed up for a local Warrior Dash with my brother (her husband), her brother and my son.


Anyway, I managed to make it to 24k. I couldn’t talk myself through another km. In fact, I felt just a little pouty walking the 1/2 km home. I managed to change into dry clothes, rinse the blood off my toes, have a glass of chocolate milk and collapse onto the couch – where I spent most of the evening. My husband was even nice enough to go out and get me donuts.


So this is the longest run before the race on March 30th. I’m hoping I’ll be able to push past that 24k point during the race. The Around the Bay has about 21k of slight downhill and flat, followed by about 6k big hills totaling around 160m of elevation and then a 3k downhill to the finish.

Wave of anxiety…

My final training run had 220m of elevation throughout and I pushed my pace, so I’m hoping that will make it okay race day. If all goes well, I may just match my time from last year even though I missed all that training time with an injury.

Time to stop obsessing about it and start planning my post-run treats that I will focus on throughout my run. Perhaps I’ll reminisce about the lovely time I had having High Tea with my sisters-in-law this past Sunday. But that’s another story…


– Jackie –

21k and some Wild Turkeys

That was wild turkeys, not Wild Turkey. 😉


I managed to talk myself, kilometer by kilometer through my 21k today. Again by the time I was done I couldn’t run another step, but I’m that much closer to 30k. Starting to feel a little less like I won’t make it. Although, when I reached 15k today I got a little mopey when I realized that was only halfway through the race distance.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here. A day that makes me think that summer actually might come after all. It was about 3C while I was running and so sunny that I got a tan. (forgot my sunscreen) Around 5k into my run, I saw a few wild turkeys in a green space by my house – that’s a little rare. Look really hard, they’re there.


I also took a picture of how I looked when I finished today – I felt horrible. I’m not showing you the picture.  I want to do one more long run, a 25k, before the Around the Bay 30k.  I had planned to do it this coming Saturday, but Mandy has pointed out to me that I have run a lot over the last few days and I need some recovery time. So I am taking her advice and I will attempt my 25k on Tuesday. I am also going to try and fit in a little cross-training on Piratebobcat’s advice. I often forget about how important that is.

One of the things that keep me going through a long run is thinking about the delicious burger I’m going to have when I’m done. What’s your favorite post run treat?


– Jackie-

18K – My First Real Long Run Since My Injury… and only 3 weeks til my 30k

After my botched 20k yesterday that quickly turned into a 7k, I hoped to get the full 20k in today. The temperature was perfect for running, a gray but warmer -2. I was able to run comfortably in regular running tights, compression socks and 2 long sleeved running shirts. It’s nice to be able to run without several more layers of constrictive running clothing for warmth.


Since I hurt my leg in December I haven’t done much running at all. My longest run lately was 11k, so I was hoping to do 20k in about 2hrs. Well, I ran until 18k  (144m of elevation) and I was so exhausted that the run ended there, but I managed to do it in 1:47 which made me happy. The 30k Around the Bay Road Race that I signed up for before I hurt myself is only 3 weeks away.  I’m hoping to do a 21k this Tuesday and maybe a 25k the following weekend. Hopefully I’ll be prepared enough that I can finish the race.

Anyway, an 18k, even though it is 2k short of 20k, still deserves a treat. I made this awesome Apple Fritter cake, and ate several pieces of it. It is delicious – I’ll be making this again and again. (BTW if you make it, I doubled the apples and only cooked it for about 30 minutes based on other peoples comments and it turned out perfectly)


I’ll be a little anxious over the next 3 weeks worrying about the race. If you have any suggestions of what I can do over the next 3 weeks to be a little more prepared, I’d love the advice!

Happy running!


– Jackie –

Thank You for Shoveling Your Sidewalk :)

The next time I go out for a run I’m packing my pockets with some thank you cards for the people who do a fantastic job of shoveling their sidewalk.

Despite the cold I managed to get out for a 5k on Saturday and an 8k this morning. I haven’t been running outside since I injured myself, but after blogging about it Saturday morning, I was pumped up by the comments and decided to brave it. This morning was beautiful and sunny and despite the -12C temperature I was hot for most of my run. However, it is really exhausting running on snow-covered streets and sidewalks. Although almost everyone shovels, there are some people that do a fantastic job. When you run on sidewalks packed with 2” of snow or have to hurdle a 2 foot snow bank at the end of a sidewalk, it is such a treat to get 50ft of dry sidewalk. Thank you!



THE SNOWBANK OUTSIDE MY HOUSE (and my close to awesome sidewalk)

So, I’m up to an exhausting 8k. I have just under 7 weeks left to train to get up to 30k at the end of March. Any tips?


– Jackie –