2014 Kitchener Resolution Run Recap

Twelve hours into 2014, my first race of the year began.  On Wednesday afternoon, Jackie and I, along with a group of friends, ran in the Resolution Run. Although it is an untimed, fun run for charity, when I pay to run and I pin a bib to my jacket, it’s a race.  The Resolution Run is organized by the Running Room throughout Canada and in a few locations in the US.  The big draw of this event, besides starting the year off on a healthy note and having a great time, is that the race kit includes a high quality, technical running jacket.

I ran this event for the first time in 2012.  Unfortunately the weather throughout December and the beginning of January can be unpredictable, and Jackie, our friend Cathy, and I ran the 10k in pouring rain with the temperature hovering just above freezing.  Saying that it was pouring doesn’t give you a clear enough idea of what it was like that day.  For the whole hour that we ran, the rain was coming down in sheets.  You could hear our feet splashing in the puddles that formed in our shoes.  I could barely open my eyes because they were filling up with water.  When we finished, we were all shivering and soaked through our clothes. But as you know, it’s stories like that, that make races memorable and running exciting.

I was a little too traumatized to sign up for the 2013 run, but after two years, I recovered enough to give it another shot.

This year, the weather was a crisp and cold -10ºC.  Jackie and I signed up for the 10k run, and our sister-in-law, Melissa, signed up for the 5k.  Our friends, Tyler and Tiffany, also signed up for the 10k, and they ran together.   This was Tiffany’s first 10k race. (see her below celebrating getting her fastest 10k time) She may stop by the blog later to write about how it went.


Just before the race started I blurted out to Melissa “You know Jackie and I are running with you, right?” It made her a little nervous at first, but we stayed at a comfortable pace, and we had a nice, relaxing chat.  I think this was the first time just the three of us ran together. I hope it’s something we can do more often.

Jackie is recovering from a calf injury right now, so instead of running the 10k, she decided to run the 5k at an easy pace. After the first two laps, Melissa and Jackie were done, and I went for one more lap.  Yes, just one more!  I didn’t feel like running another 5k by myself, so I made up my own distance of 7.5 kilometers.  Since we had been taking it easy, I was able to pick up my speed and finish strong.  (Something that I rarely do.  I’ve mentioned before that I need to work on my pacing.)

There was no photographer this year.  Yet, one great thing, among many, about running with Jackie is that she comes with her very own race photographer!  Her husband, Marc, takes amazing photos at every race we go to. Here are a few shots he took:



Finishing with style


Breaking the invisible tape

As per our usual race tradition, we all headed to Jackie and Marc’s after for an afternoon of running talk and eating (pasta, babka and brownies).  It was the perfect way to spend the day!

– Mandy –DSC_0815_3 2

What an enjoyable day we had Mandy! I had so much fun running with two of my sisters-in-law. It’s always better with good company. We wore our jackets that made Mandy feel like a “70’s track star”, choked down some warm coconut water and got rid of the coconut water taste with cookies provided by race organizers. Even though I have to take a couple of weeks off from running and I’m icing my calf as I type, starting the year with the Resolution Run has gotten me pumped for a new racing season. Next race – The Re-Fridgee-Eighter!
– Jackie – Jackie

Out with December and in with a Plank-Filled January

Mandy and I challenged ourselves to a “Run Every Day through December Challenge” to keep ourselves motivated through the end of the year. Although our challenge didn’t end as well as we had hoped, it was still a success. Normally Mandy and I don’t run much, if at all, in December, but we both managed to get our longest streak of 15 days in a row.

Unfortunately I pulled a calf muscle running uphill in the snow in Vermont and I’ll be taking a few weeks off from running to heal. I don’t want to slack off in January though, so Mandy suggested that I work on core and arm strengthening. Based on her suggestion, I have decided to start the new month and the new year off well, so we are doing the 30 day Plank Challenge.

Want to join us?

30 Day Plank Challenge Fitness Workout Chart


Jackie – My recap for the last week of our challenge:

Tuesday, December 24- 3.5 – Thought I felt better but my leg hurts after the run

Friday, December 27 – 5k – Now I’m sure I have an injury

Monday, December 30th – 3.6k walk  (I hate walking, walking is boring)

Monthly total – 65.7km – not what I had hoped for, but a lot better than the 28k I did last December

How did your month end Mandy?

-Jackie- Jackie

Mandy’s Recap:

After a big, family brunch at our house, after every one went home, I was feeling kind of bored and full of “bad for me” food, so I went for a 5.5km run.  It was just as the sun was setting and it was snowing lightly.  It was the type of snow that is so fine that it looks like sparkles when the street lights shine through it.  I was happy to get out and burn off some of the delicious food from the morning.

My husband and I had most of the week off from work, but that was the only run for me.  We spent the time relaxing around the house, visiting family, watching movies, and generally being lazy.

Like Jackie said, the month started off great, but it went downhill for the last half.  I’m still glad we tried this challenge, because it got me out the door a few more times than I would have normally.  It was an interesting way to jump into winter running for the season.  I’ll probably give it another shot at some point in the next few months.

Mandy’s monthly total: 57km

Today, Jackie and I ran the Resolution Run (a charity, fun run put on by the Running Room) with our sister-in-law, Melissa, and our friends, Tiffany and Tyler.  We’ll post more about it tomorrow.  After the run, we spent the afternoon eating, and as it usually goes, talking about running.  Since Jackie is nursing her calf injury this month, all of us committed to doing the Plank Challenge.  My core strength has been neglected the last few months, so this challenge is very much needed!  I’m looking forward to it.  If you want to join us, make sure you plank for 20 seconds tonight!  (Or if the day is already over for you, fit in two tomorrow.)

-Mandy- DSC_0815_3 2

On another note, the giveaway for the 2014 Runner’s World Daily Calendar has come to a close!  Congratulations to Courtney who followed us on Twitter to win the calendar.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!