Monday Morning Must Reads – links we loved!



  • I know this is kind of the opposite of what we do here, but this was a funny and an enjoyable read: “Why I Don’t Run Ever by Calling Through the Fog.
  • This is a great post  at Shut Up + Run on why there should be no excuses not to run. This is instalment #2 of her 5 part series. Worth the read!
  • The Olivia Palermo Guide to Accessorizing Like a Pro. Okay, nothing to do with running but this chick always looks amazing. (Who is she anyway?)
  • This is an informative and inspiring post about running lean and fuelling your body. This article inspired a change in my eating habits. 🙂

DSC_0815_3 2   MANDY’S PICKS

  • I always love reading about how exercise affects the brain.  This article talks about how the brain can be healed and shaped through deliberate efforts.  Spoiler alert: exercise is one way!
  • From the same website, here’s an interesting study on the effects of physical activity on children.  I’ve really been enjoying this website in general.
  • I’m always inspired when Jackie includes an errand into her run (a trip to the mechanic or the grocery store) so I thought this post was neat to read.   Basically, it is advocating that runners include “A to B” runs into their routine to show others than walking and running is a perfectly acceptable form of transportation.
  • Do your knees crack and pop?  My right knee has been cracking when I go up stairs, and it’s never happened before.  I thought I’d try some of these exercises to see if they help!

Have you read (or wrote) anything lately that we should read? Let us know!


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