My week of running – including the Mississauga Half Marathon and a sea of Trilliums

I had an adventurous week in running which started with the Mississauga Half Marathon at 7:30am Sunday morning. I’d been dreading this half all month. I ended up getting sick at the beginning of April with the cold/flu that has been going around, and that I had managed to avoid up until then. My coughing had almost subsided, but I still had a lot of chest congestion and a couple of weeks before the race I barely managed to finish a 13k. Anyway – I was quite worried how it would turn out.


I’m the one in the pink socks – in case anyone was worried… 😉

Well, it ended up turning out pretty well. I decided to run with a friend who was getting over his own illness and that took the pressure off. Even if it was a terrible run, it wouldn’t be as bad because I had a running buddy with me. We ended up helping each other through (he pushed me faster through the first 17k and I got him through the last 4k) and finishing just under 2 hours (1:59:40), considerably better than we thought we’d do.


Beautiful morning for a race – the empty start line early in the morning.


The day was beautiful. It wasn’t too cold to start and the sun didn’t come out until just before we finished.


Off to a happy start.


This Mississauga Half might be my favorite Half Marathon. It is large, but not too crowded, well supported and well organized. I love starting in Mississaga and ending in Port Credit. The running Expo before the race is amazing too. Lots of freebies and an amazing goodie bag. I wish I had remembered to take a picture.



After the race, grabbing my swag and filling my face.


I highly recommend it.

I wanted to get right back at it and use the excitement of the race to kick start my summer runs, so I ran a slow 3.5k on Monday, and a slow 8.5k (with 10 walking breaks – eek) on Wednesday. On Thursday I had a “back to normal” 5k that included this beautiful sea of Trilliums.


Trilliums as far as the eye can see!

I’ve learned from my last 2 races that I have been taking it easy on myself. I’ve proved to myself that I have the ability push harder in a race than I thought I could. I also know I can push harder in training – at least the speedwork part. So, I’ve set a goal for next year’s Mississauga Half of 1:45…

What are your favorite training programs? Any special workouts that you’ve found increased your speed?

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you have a fun running weekend. If all goes well, I may just get a cottage run in on Saturday. (squeal)




5 thoughts on “My week of running – including the Mississauga Half Marathon and a sea of Trilliums

  1. You are doing amazingly well if you can help your half marathon buddy from the 17km mark. I think that’s when it gets really tough. Very impressed 🙂

  2. My favourite speed session is 8 (maybe 10 if I’m feeling particularly enthusiastic) x 1 min fast (5km pace or preferably faster like 1500m pace) with 1 min walk/jog recovery. It’s fast but not too far and I love it – but as my training buddy once said – not in the same way that I love my husband!

  3. shelbychollett

    Wow, how amazing! Way to push yourself through the illness and finish strong. It’s inspirational that you can reflect on how you’re pushing yourself, and challenge yourself for more! Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Well done , making me look forward to the runs I have planed 🙂

  5. Hi Jackie,
    Thank you for your visit to my site Reflections today. I am glad you liked my new StumbleUpon post. Nice to meet you.

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