Hi! Welcome to our running blog!

Who are we?  We are two sisters-in-law from Southern Ontario who started running together in 2009 to train for our first 10k race.   Our first race was slow, but we were hooked.  Since then, we’ve continued to train through Canada’s weather extremes for local 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.  Along the way, we’ve gained a great group of running friends and made some great memories.  We want to use this blog to stay motivated, chronicle our training, and celebrate our victories.



I love talking about running and thought a blog would be a great place to share ideas with my fellow runners – I did forget how terrible I am at writing, so I hope you’ll bear with me as I muddle through this.

I started running in my late 30’s to get in shape before it was too late. I hadn’t planned on ever completing more than a 5k race until I started running with Mandy and her goals became infectious. I graduated into the Masters category a couple of years ago and running keeps me healthy, sane and feeling young. I’ve gone from having a hard time running a hundred meters to the mailbox to running two marathons, from hating every moment of my run (and never believing that I could ever like it) to really loving it.

Now if I could just improve my running form so that my husband would stop calling me “Truckasaurus”…



I have never been athletic.  As a teen, I lacked the coordination and confidence needed for team sports, but I’ve always enjoyed being active.  I’ve run short distances off and on throughout the years, but in 2008, I was really inspired by Jackie when she ran her first 5k race.  During that summer, I started a couch to 5k program, not to train for a race, but to keep active after giving up my gym membership.  In 2009, my brother asked if anyone wanted to run a 10k race with him in our hometown, so I asked Jackie if she would train with me.   It seemed daunting at the time, but after a summer of early morning training runs (and wake up calls from Jackie),  I ran my first race.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. I love that you are sisters-in-law creating posts together. I like your geographic area as well. I’ve had a couple races in Ontario on my list, but the timing just hasn’t worked. Thanks for the follow.

  2. The more you run, the more you want to run. It’s the gift that never stops giving.

  3. I love reading local (*Ontario) blogs! You both are doing a great job! As a fairly new runner and having completed my first Marathon (whoohoo Scotia!) it’s so inspiring to me to read these posts! Great stuff!

    • That was my first full marathon too. I ran it the fall of 2012, quite an experience! I enjoy reading local blogs too. Love that pile of colorful running clothes in your latest post. 🙂

      • I still can’t believe it some days – running a Full…… But I do have the Garmin, the medal and the Foil (oh the beloved foil 😉 ) to prove it! I’m looking forward to the Around The Bay too – last year was mine and my sisters first time there and by far my favorite race/run!

  4. How wonderful how the 2 of you have supported each other. Thank you for the follow. It has given me the opportunity to find your blog….2 fellow Ontario runners. 🙂

    • Thanks Carl – we enjoy pushing each other to keep reaching our goals. We enjoy your blog – its nice seeing posts of someone running through the same crazy weather as we are.

  5. Your blog looks great! I had a later in life start at running too. Began when I was 29, I’m turning 33 next month.

    • Thanks! Running is something you can enjoy for a long time. I just turned 44 and I’m going strong, and I just ran a race with some friends in their 60s who are still out kicking my butt! BTW, I enjoy your blog too, Zeke is a cutie.

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