Dreaming of Cottage Running


Coffee on the deck

As spring finally comes to Southern Ontario, and the buds start coming out as it warms up, I can’t help but dream of running at the cottage.


My ugly little cottage 🙂

Through the week on hot days, my training runs seem tedious. But on the weekend, I can’t wait to wake up early and sneak out of the cottage for a run. I drive 10 minutes to the charming beach town of Bayfield and run on the tree-lined streets, gazing at the lake and looking at all the quaint cottages


Lake view from my run.


Bayfield’s tree lined streets.

One of my favorite cottages.

One of my favorite cottages.

And if my timing is right (and my run is long enough – or not) I finish with a cupcake from The Pink Flamingo Bakery.


I dream of this too…

Sigh. Can’t wait.




5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Cottage Running

  1. Looking down on Lake Huron would be so beautiful.
    We don’t have a cottage, but we do go family camping Jackie, and it is the same thing. I love to sneak away for an early morning run.
    Thanks for sharing. Also some neat pictures of Bayfield! 🙂

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to run!

  3. That cottage with the fat chimney is awesome!

  4. Bayfield! I know the area well! Loved seeing these pics. You’re making me long for summer and beach runs! 🙂

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