A new pair of shoes and The Around the Bay 30k

I signed up for this race once again this year, during the winter, to inspire me to keep running. However, I didn’t anticipate the crazy cold we’d have here in Southern Ontario.

So many days of -18C and colder weather plus the wind chill made it difficult for (wussy) me to keep my mileage up through January and February. So, with the Around the Bay 30k road race coming up this Sunday, I find myself a little ill-prepared. I have only gotten up to 23k and I’m considerably slower than last year(and a few pounds heavier). I think my goal of a sub 3 hour race will need to be adjusted to about a 3:15 race(I hope!).


I noticed on my last 2 runs that my feet and toes were so sore in the two pairs of shoes I wore. I’m hoping that this is mainly to do with the winter mileage I put on them. Perfect timing – last weekend I got an email that my Mizunos were on sale $59.00 off (yay) so a brand new pair of glowing white Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s came in the mail yesterday. I took them out for a short breaking in run this morning that took the edge off the white and now I’m resting my old lady legs until Sundays’ race.


A good thing to come out of not being prepared, is that a runner friend of mine who is also doing the race invited me to a Running Room run club run that she has been going to every Sunday morning. They were doing a 23k long slow run this week, with the run 10 min, walk 1 min system that I favor for long runs. Well, I was a little nervous, but I was so glad I went. I enjoyed having people to run and talk with. I enjoyed the new route and all the conversation made me feel like I wasn’t doing the longest run I’d done in a year. I also peed in the forest for the first time ever on a run. A big day of firsts! 😀

So my last hurdle is to make it until Sunday without getting sick. Of course because I have a big race coming up, the whole family, all three boys and my husband, get sick with a really bad cold/sore throat/sinus infection sickness that has left them all fevery and bed ridden. I’m doing my best to care for everyone and not breath around them at the same time. It seems all this running and fresh air is serving as a natural anti-biotic!

To anyone else out there doing The Around the Bay. Have a great race! Question: How do you feel about the detour? Are you going to miss Heartbreak Hill?




8 thoughts on “A new pair of shoes and The Around the Bay 30k

  1. It absolutely made my day to read this. Thanks for the great post!! I’m sorry the family is sick, but you are right about the light being a natural antibiotic! You’ll rock the bay! Have fun.

  2. This is really cool Jackie. I will be there. This is my 1st time running it, and am really looking forward to it. I have a bit of a lingering cold, (passed on from the famjam) 🙂 It is definitely much better than a week ago. Sincerely hope you stay healthy these last couple of days.
    Have a GREAT race! 🙂

  3. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed that you are running through that cold of yours or whether you scored a pair of $59 running shoes (Wahoo!) I bought a $60 pair of Scotts last time out (I’m a trail runner) and considered that a deal of a lifetime. My Dad’s remedy for a cold was to sweat it out of you. It works. I’ll run an ultra tomorrow with the same cold and expect to leave it on the trail. Good luck!

    • Running in the cold is an experience – like getting 17k into your run and finding all of your water bottles frozen. 🙂 Trail running is definitely something I intend to try in the future. Have a great run tomorrow. I have great respect for anyone who can do a ultra!

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