24k – Close enough!

With my Around the Bay 30k coming up in less than 2 weeks, I managed to get out this past Monday for my last long training run. I had hoped to get up to 25k, but once again, I found myself talking my way through the run kilometer by kilometer. I was only at about 8k when I was telling myself that I never want to run a long race again. Another km later, I decided even half marathons were too long. By 10k, I thought I didn’t even want to race 10s anymore and shortly after, I decided that walking a 5k fun run sounded good. I relayed this to my sister-in-law, Mandy, and she informed me that this hard winter has turned me into a wimp and that I’ll be fine when the weather warms up. She must be right because since then, I’ve signed up for a local Warrior Dash with my brother (her husband), her brother and my son.


Anyway, I managed to make it to 24k. I couldn’t talk myself through another km. In fact, I felt just a little pouty walking the 1/2 km home. I managed to change into dry clothes, rinse the blood off my toes, have a glass of chocolate milk and collapse onto the couch – where I spent most of the evening. My husband was even nice enough to go out and get me donuts.


So this is the longest run before the race on March 30th. I’m hoping I’ll be able to push past that 24k point during the race. The Around the Bay has about 21k of slight downhill and flat, followed by about 6k big hills totaling around 160m of elevation and then a 3k downhill to the finish.

Wave of anxiety…

My final training run had 220m of elevation throughout and I pushed my pace, so I’m hoping that will make it okay race day. If all goes well, I may just match my time from last year even though I missed all that training time with an injury.

Time to stop obsessing about it and start planning my post-run treats that I will focus on throughout my run. Perhaps I’ll reminisce about the lovely time I had having High Tea with my sisters-in-law this past Sunday. But that’s another story…


– Jackie –


15 thoughts on “24k – Close enough!

  1. Okay, so yum to the chocolate milk and POST RACE TREATS ARE THE BEST!!! You’re going to do just fine and yes, you should focus on all those yummy treats you’re going to have afterwards!!! You can do it!!!!

  2. Well done on completing a tough run! I too find that long runs are often so much more a mental endurance test than a physical one. I’ve also had runs that were based on the idea of “another km” and then “come on, another km” and they seem endless. They are really tough and almost a worst case scenario I think. On the plus side, it means that you know that you can handle it during the race too! 😀 Best of luck with the run!

    • They are definitely mental endurance! Hopefully the excitement of the run carries me through most of the race and I only have to rely on the mental part for the last 10k. And thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  3. Be careful at the Warrior Dash. I’ve done it before – the very first year. And since then all the “obstacle races” have gotten much more extreme. The last one I did, I feared for my safety on several occasions. They even had to shut down a zip line cause a lady fell off of it and broke her shoulder. That said, they can be fun though, just take care of yourself!

    • I’ve been thinking about that. Since I’m bringing my 15 year old, we’re going to make sure we’re well prepared and if there’s anything we’re not confident we can do, we’ll skip it. We’re in it for fun, not to hurt ourselves! Which ones did you do?

      • I’ve done warrior dash, jailbreak, hell run, & hardcore mud series. But after my last experience, I gave them up. Yes, definitely skip the obstacles with lines that are too long or that you don’t feel safe! We had someone drown at one here in Dallas last year. Scary! Like I said, just have fun with it! Get muddy!

  4. You are so ready for it! I know you’ll do well! Wish I was going but they are killing me in training. :-O

  5. One of my favourite mantras is ‘trust your training, trust your training’ – I hope you have an awesome last two weeks before the big day 🙂

  6. On race day you will get carried away with all the other runners and they will help move you along. Find a runner in front of you and make her or him your target to get past or at least stay with for the run. That will help. You got this and will rock!

  7. Good luck! I once spent an entire race thinking about what toppings I would have on my burger after! Go a little nuts! You deserve it!

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