The Best Way to Drink Tea

Last weekend, my house was taken over by men, computers, and empty pizza boxes. (Yes, it takes me a long time to write a blog post.) My husband rarely plays video games, but about once a year, his brothers, some friends, and our nephews (Jackie’s boys) get together for an all out nerd fest/ video game binge.  This year it was our turn to host.  Needless to say, when you put 10 or more guys in a basement, eating pizza, and staring at a screen, the house becomes very smelly and I tried to be home as little as possible.

So when Sunday afternoon came around, I was ecstatic to have plans with my awesome sisters in law and friend to go for High Tea at the New Dundee Emporium.  It was lovely.

New Dundee is a small town about ten minutes out of our city. The downtown area is filled with old houses and buildings, the type that have big, creaky porches and those wooden screens that slap closed. When we pulled up, a neighborhood cat even came to greet us.

We dressed in our best tea drinking attire and tried to act like ladies for the afternoon.

I wish that we would have gotten a picture of our outfits standing up, because they were cute. Check out Jackie’s shoes. Aren’t they perfect for a tea party?

The High Tea comes with a personal pot of your tea of choice and a three tiered stand of scones, mini sandwiches, savories, and bite-sized desserts.

I think my favourite treat was the scones with clotted cream and jam. The chocolate covered strawberries were a close second.

Overall, the afternoon was so nice… Chatting and snacking. If you’re in the area, I’d definitely recommend checking out the New Dundee Emporium. We agreed that we are going to start getting together for our own version of high tea. I hope it happens soon because I can think about all those treats without drooling a little.



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