BRRRR – Chilly spring morning running


Well, I had planned to do my 20k training run this morning – and it didn’t quite turn out as planned. It got up to a high of 2C today (so nice to have temps above freezing finally!), so I mistakenly thought that early this morning it would already be nice, you know, maybe a nice -8 or so. It ended up being -18C when I woke up, and still -18C when I started my run around 6:45. It was a beautiful morning, but almost immediately I knew that my running tights weren’t going to keep me warm enough – you’d think living in Canada that I’d have a proper pair of winter running tights by now. I kept going until it was clear my legs were not going to warm up, and at 7k (and still -17C) I made it back home and decided tomorrow will be my 20k day.


I was aiming for visibility when I got dressed this morning – so I wore all the bright runner colors. 🙂

I broke out my pink Mizuno Wave Rider 9s for their maiden voyage. Can’t wait for dry sidewalks, they’re coming, I can feel it. Even though it was so cold, it was soooo nice to be out on such a beautiful sunny morning and see the sun coming up. Yay for spring mornings – even if they are -18C.

Did you have a beautiful running morning where you were?

– Jackie –


7 thoughts on “BRRRR – Chilly spring morning running

  1. oh my goodness that is just so cold, time to invest in some thermal running tights! It was a lovely morning here – 22°C and sweaty at 9am for parkrun.

    • I always love looking at the pictures from your runs. The recent one with the expansion bridge was so gorgeous – I’d love to run that! Hope you have some nice cool mornings for running. 🙂

  2. You are amazing! I don’t run outside unless it’s above zero with the windchill!

  3. Wow. That is cold.
    It was 38F here when i started out, but almost 60 by the finish.

  4. Oh my, I can see why you would want to run towards the sun (as evident by your pics). I hope it warms up soon for you.

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