What I’ve been doing since it’s too cold to run…


The snow will melt and it will warm up – even the end of this week it should warm up to the freezing point. (yay) But the last 3 days have been very cold – like extreme weather warning cold around here. And you can’t trust the sunny days either. Late last week I was looking out at a beautiful sunny, very cold but calm morning and the next minute there was blinding snow. I just wanted to share this awesome picture of the snow squall that slammed Southern Ontario last Thursday.


So instead of running yesterday I made this delicious Cilantro-Lime Cucumber Salad with jalapenos in it. It was a nice twist on a cucumber salad, I will definitely be making it again.


And then instead of running today I did this:


BEFORE                                            AFTER

I have to get back to running before I tackle the basement. Wednesday promises a high of -6C and mostly sun, and Friday promises 1C (yay) and sun so I’m going to brave the snow packed sidewalks for some fresh air.

I hope you’re having nice spring weather wherever you are.


– Jackie –


7 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing since it’s too cold to run…

  1. That snow squall looks crazy!! What an awesome picture though.

    It’s really cold here (so no snow melting unfortunately) and some more snow coming this afternoon, but I looked at Saturday’s forecast for a race I’m running in and it’s a high of 51 that day! Woo hoo!!

    • Wow, that will be lovely weather for a race (I had to do some calculations to figure what that is in Celsius). It’s going to be about 30F here on Saturday, but that’s still pleasant for running. 🙂 Hope you have a great race.

  2. We’ve been in the deep freeze too, but it’s looking like we’ll get some warmer weather (brought by a storm, of course) soon! I just want above-30 weather for the 29th! That’s all I ask! 🙂

  3. Weather is back and forth here in Mississippi. Sunday was 80°F, Monday was 29°F high, back and forth. But, no snow. That cucumber jalapeno salad looks good!

  4. You’ve been making good use of your time I have to say!!! I hope it warms up for you!! It’s not too bad in Virginia. We got snow a few days ago but it cleared quickly.

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