I Can’t Run Without My Garmin anymore!


I decided today would be a good day for a long run. I’ve only gotten up to 11k since recovering from a calf injury and I have a 30k Around the Bay Road Race at the end of March, I’ve got to get my butt in gear.

Well, it was a blah day and even though it was a fairly mild -8C instead of the miserable cold we’ve been having, I couldn’t get excited about running today. This cold weather is making me angry deep down inside. Being cold makes me angry, going outside makes me angry, the weather forecast makes me angry, I hate my coats, I hate my boots…I’m just done with this weather. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t seem to be done. I am going to do my best to enjoy every moment of this summer. Every moment.

Well, I started my run anyway, but at 3.7k my Garmin beeped that my battery life was low and at 3.8k it died. I’ve been having a little trouble with it saying it’s at 100% all the time. Hopefully now that it’s run all the way out it will work again. Anyhow, the only reason I kept on running at all was because I was about 1.5k from home and I couldn’t just quit where I was. But when my Garmin died, so did my desire to finish my long run. I’m sure if I wasn’t so worried about my training I’d have finished my run … oh who am I kidding, I’m addicted to my Garmin. I have to see my run. I have to see the map, my elevation, my pace. I’ll try again tomorrow. (And maybe take my old Garmin as a backup. ;D)

At least I got another great boot camp class in last night, and I feel much better after it than I did last week. This morning I was able to brush my teeth and feed myself without assistance. Imagine getting the food on the fork and then bringing your face down towards the fork…that was me last weekend.

Hopefully the week gets better from here.

Question: What running gear have you found you can’t live without?


– Jackie –


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Run Without My Garmin anymore!

  1. I hear you about the weather – I’m the same in reverse… sick of the heat and ready for the autumn cool change. I hope your weather gets better really soon! I can’t live without my GPS watch either BUT last Monday our running group had to do 4 x 1km loops as fast as we could with a 5 minute rest between them. No watches allowed. I found myself keeping just behind the faster ladies… no watch to look at to frighten me with the pace I was going. I checked with them to see if they were having a not so good run and they assured me they were feeling fine. So perhaps ditching the watch for known routes might be good once in a while…

  2. I have to run with the Nike + app on my phone, for the same reasons you stated about your Garmin! If it’s not recorded, I almost feel like it doesn’t count 😉

  3. I can’t live without my Garmin!!! I just don’t feel right without it!! Haha! 😉 I hate not knowing my pace!

  4. You last comment about eating food and bringing your head down made me laugh. That kind of pain is one we like. 🙂

    I love my Garmin 620 and my iPod. Unless I am running with someone I don’t typically run without my music.

    Hope it warms up soon.

  5. Bummer about your Garmin. Hopefully it’s just the cold – cold temperatures reduce the battery output – and it will be back to normal when the temps get above freezing.
    Either way, two big thumbs up from me for going out in that temperature. I’m not sure I would do it.
    Regarding my Garmin? Can’t run without it. I often turn the screen to just heart rate and silence the alerts, but it’s always on my wrist. If it’s not tracked, it doesn’t exist, right?
    Maybe there is a support group for people like us?

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