People Watching at the Track

After having some decently warm weather this weekend, (-4°C now feels balmy to me) we are back to the bitter cold in Southern Ontario.  I am so ready for spring!  I just want to go for a run without piling on 100 pieces of clothing and worrying about falling on my butt.

On Monday, I had the day off of work, so I decided to head to the indoor track in the morning.  Running inside on a track can be a little monotonous, but after three months of icy sidewalks, it was glorious.  In past winters, I used the track regularly, but this year, I kind of forgot about it.  There’s something about the place that I love.  IMG_20140224_120733

Good memories are one of the reasons I love it.  The first couple of years that Jackie and I started running, we used to meet up at the track early in the morning to run together.  I would usually sleep in, and wake up to a call from Jackie to get my butt over there.  (“No, I wasn’t sleeping.  Yes, I’m already up.”)

Like I said, running in an oval…in one direction…inside can be BORING, and you might forget how to make a right turn, but what it lacks in scenery, it makes up for in people watching.  On Monday, I was there for just over an hour, but it went by so quickly.  I credit that to how much there was too look at.


The track during the day is mostly used by retirees to get their exercise during the winter.  And it gets really busy!  It’s nice to see walkers and joggers in their 60s, 70s, and 80s taking care of their health.  All fitness levels and speeds are represented.  You can see that some people have always been fit and are maintaining it, while others are trying to get back into shape.  It’s nice to see the social aspect of it too.  The track is filled with old friends chatting away, couples holding hands as they walk, and the regulars joking around with each other.

Along with the retirees, there is a good variety of other people who use the track.  Runners from the university track team often train here.  They are always inspiring to watch.  They are so fast and have such good form.  Sometimes, when they are running a warm up lap, I run my hardest so I can pass them and feel speedy.  🙂

There are also always one or two really strong women putting in a good workout.  Whether it’s doing walking lunges around the track or burpees between laps, they always put me to shame.  On Monday, there was a lady who ran up and down the stairs of the arena for almost the entire time I was there.  That’s tough!  She hardly even broke a sweat.  What I was mostly impressed with was her leg muscles.  Holy cow, the stairs definitely paid off for her.

I saw at least two people jogging in jeans!  I wanted to take a picture for the blog, Jogging Jeans, but I am not stealthy enough for that.  I also like to think that they just showed up to walk, but were inspired to run a little bit.  So, I can’t hold it against them that they were wearing jeans.

Anyways, that’s why I like my local indoor track.  There’s lots to see and keep you distracted while you’re getting in a workout.  I’m going to try to get in a few more runs at the track until the sidewalks start to clear in the next couple weeks (or months).  Sigh.

-Mandy-DSC_0815_3 2


6 thoughts on “People Watching at the Track

  1. We’re almost there, I’m sure of it! Spring is on it’s way, and it’ll be glorious. We’ve been lucky here, in that it’s been a mild winter with very little frost. Instead, we’ve got lots of mud and crazy winds, which make for interesting running experiences as well! I’d love to have access to an indoor track, it looks really nice. Like so many other runners, I really struggle with the dreadmill. I just get bored and miss the sensation of moving forward. An indoor track sounds like a great alternative! Still, let’s keep hoping for spring to come soon, then we don’t have to worry about alternatives for quite some time! =D

  2. That sounds really nice! I don’t know of an indoor track around me but I wish there was!

  3. Haha. Love it that you thought of me when you saw the jean-wearing exercisers.

  4. That actually looks like a cool place to run (literally and figuratively).

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