Things That Go Bump in the Night (Spoiler alert – it’s me)

I’ll start by saying we have an overly large bedroom, about 900 sq. feet including the open concept bathroom. I’m telling you this so you understand how I can get up a lot of speed on a midnight bathroom trip, and why I would be travelling at such a speed in the dark. Of course instead of waking my husband up with the bathroom light, I woke him up with my surprised grunt of pain as I kicked a large … whatever this is …


That’s my shoe beside so you can understand how big, and heavy he is. It was dark, so all I can remember is this:


… But I think it must have been a spectacular fall because along with a gashed and goose-egged, bruised foot, I have a weird kink in my neck and my leg was cramping up at night. Last night as I was trying to not focus on the pain, I wrote this post mentally. This morning I’ve either forgotten the funny parts…or they weren’t really that funny…


Don’t look too close at my nasty running feet.

But, because I know that when my foot stops hurting I will find this amusing, I am sitting at my kitchen table writing a post – awaiting the awakening of my youngest offspring to explain how this ended up in the middle of my floor last night. And the remote controlled, nerf dart shooting spider (?) awaits his fate… Don’t feel sorry for him ….


Have your poor running feet encountered any surprises in the night?

-Jackie –


11 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump in the Night (Spoiler alert – it’s me)

  1. Poor you, but I’m having a giggle. I hope it gets better soon and that there is a seriously good explanation as to why this handsome creature was in your bedroom. I do hope the bruising goes down quickly, it looks a bit nasty!

  2. Feels wrong to “LIKE” this blog since it looks pretty bad & sore! Lately you have been a magnet for self abuse….lol I hope you feel better. (That is one very large toy by the way!)

  3. I’m sorry to be laughing! I can relate, with two toddlers, there are random toys EVERYWHERE. No matter how much I clean up, there’s always more!

  4. Oh ouch! That looks painful! And that toy is so creepy…I wouldn’t want that thing crawling around my house. LOL

  5. Also, I think it’s a crab, not a spider. Obviously! 😉

  6. Oh, dear! That is quite the large… insect thingy and bruise! It does make for a good story. I have frequently tripped over the rug, run into door jams, and kicked furniture that seems to have moved itself in the middle of the night. Not nearly as interesting as your story! Hope the foot’s feeling better. 🙂

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