You don’t NEED to race the Recyling Truck down the hill…

Number 1, you don’t need to race the recycling and garbage trucks down the hill because they are slow. Secondly, you’ll hurt yourself.

The good news is, I know exactly how I injured myself last time. My 1.5km flailing run down a snow covered mountain in Vermont is definitely how I tore a muscle in my calf. This week, on garbage day, I was doing a leisurely 8k through my neighborhood. For some really silly reason, after passing the recycling truck on a few streets, I decided to make sure I beat him to the bottom of a 1km long hill. Part way down I felt a bad twinge in my previously injured leg. Fortunately I came to my senses, slowed my pace considerably and the pain went away. I still beat the recycle truck to the foot of the hill and managed to do the last 2km to my house pain free.

I’m feeling pretty good about my recovery now, especially since I know what I have to be careful of. Now to start increasing my mileage.

I tried taking a “selfie” of the running clothes I wear in -10C, but I suck at it…



The neighborhood stray cats hanging out in the warmth of the sun on my hot tub. 🙂



Dreaming of spring…


Anyone else as foolish as me? (what weird thing have you raced lately? 🙂 )





7 thoughts on “You don’t NEED to race the Recyling Truck down the hill…

  1. Ha, I usually try to run away from the garbage and recycling trucks as they don’t always have the most pleasant smell! I have a park where I finish most of my runs and there is a line of trees that I pretend is the finish line. I always seem to pick up my pace when I see them!

  2. Hey! Iv really enoyed your blog. Id love for you to followmy running journey aswell!

  3. I like to finish fast – and today I did because I was so ready to be done!

  4. Haha, that’s definitely an interesting thing to race. Good thing you slowed up, though! That would have been an embarrassing injury story. LOL

  5. I tend to finish my last k or 2 faster because I just want them to be done!

  6. Oh, I will turn the opposite direction of trash/recycling trucks! I will try to get to a certain point before a song is over. And if I’m on a treadmill, which I don’t do much, I always race people around me (same with a busy track!)

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