Thank You for Shoveling Your Sidewalk :)

The next time I go out for a run I’m packing my pockets with some thank you cards for the people who do a fantastic job of shoveling their sidewalk.

Despite the cold I managed to get out for a 5k on Saturday and an 8k this morning. I haven’t been running outside since I injured myself, but after blogging about it Saturday morning, I was pumped up by the comments and decided to brave it. This morning was beautiful and sunny and despite the -12C temperature I was hot for most of my run. However, it is really exhausting running on snow-covered streets and sidewalks. Although almost everyone shovels, there are some people that do a fantastic job. When you run on sidewalks packed with 2” of snow or have to hurdle a 2 foot snow bank at the end of a sidewalk, it is such a treat to get 50ft of dry sidewalk. Thank you!



THE SNOWBANK OUTSIDE MY HOUSE (and my close to awesome sidewalk)

So, I’m up to an exhausting 8k. I have just under 7 weeks left to train to get up to 30k at the end of March. Any tips?


– Jackie –


9 thoughts on “Thank You for Shoveling Your Sidewalk :)

  1. -12°C… brrrr. I’m still in awe of you running in these temperatures! I can imagine that a clear footpath would make a huge difference. I’m going to think of you when I’m dodging irrigators and thier puddles on the farm this week.

  2. And I thought I was brave for running in the 30s today! Clear sidewalks are fantastic – whether its from leaves, acorns or snow!!

  3. I feel your pain—-I even find myself going up and down the nicely plowed areas just to get my miles in…desperation 🙂

  4. Take it slow and easy. Running in the snow and cold is hard, so I would bet you could run longer in nicer weather – just keep increasing your miles a bit at a time and stay healthy! It’s hard not to push when you have a deadline, but better to be at the start line a little undertrained that not be there at all because of injury from pushing too hard. Keep it up!

  5. Michael Mason-D'Croz

    In my city most people do clean their sidewalks, which makes those non-cleaned ones that much worse. On my 15k run on Saturday I had to deal with intermittent sidewalk stretches of 5-6 inches of snow. Very annoying.

  6. I feel your pain and can’t believe it’s less than 7 weeks until ATB. My longest run was over 4 weeks ago and I’m struggling with the mental game of 30km’s. My pace is slower (I’m a back of the pack runner) so I’ve set my goal for ATB to be to finish. No time restrictions aside from the one imposed by ATB. I’d be happy to have the company if you’d like to meet up for the race 🙂 We can do this!

    • We can do this! I’ll let you know what my pace is as we get closer to the race. In any case it’d be cool to meet you at the race. Right now I’m hoping we have some good weather for the end of March.

      • I’m hoping the weather is decent too, read somewhere the average temp is around 4C that time of year. I can handle that as long as it’s not raining … that would suck!

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