I’ve Got My Tight Pants On

You know, I’ve just always felt more comfortable having my butt camouflaged in black compression tights. I love all those funky bright tights, but I usually feel more comfortable in black. However, maybe because running marathons over the last couple of years has given me a new appreciation of my butt, (if it’s gotten me through a marathon, I shouldn’t be so worried about what it looks like, right?), my black tights are now nestled beside red, bright blue and pink pairs of running tights.

This post is about my red tights… and what I do when in my red tights ever since I saw the above video.


(My red Lululemon pants)

On a day when I am feeling especially fit, I’ll put on my red Lululemon pants and start humming the song. If my kids are lucky enough to be nearby, they are treated to the song being accompanied by me in my red pants and running shoes doing my version of Will’s dance.

Thankfully I have no pictures or video of this. 😉

I usually hear “Mom, no” or “Nobody is talking about your red pants!” But, my red pants (and that video) always make me leave for a run in a great mood.

Do you have any running gear that brings a smile to your face?

– Jackie – Jackie


10 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Tight Pants On

  1. Amazing, I am not picturing you doing that dance in your red tight pants! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I just remember the kids walking around the house all day singing that song. It was a great trip!

  3. I LOVE colored workout pants, but I’m afraid they will accentuate all the wrong things—but I might take the plunge—dark purple to start 🙂

  4. Love the red pants. I have an INKnBURN running skirt and matching singlet – love them… they always make me feel happy and sunny, it helps that there is a big sunflower on the front.

  5. Haha, that’s hilarious. I’ve never seen that before!
    On a related note, my pants are getting tighter since I haven’t been recovering after the Dopey.

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