Becoming “Sporty”

This post has kind of been triggered by a blog Mandy and I have been reading since we started blogging. I enjoy reading the posts on Unsporty Women Can Run and I love when she takes me on a virtual run through Tasmania. It’s especially nice to see her beautiful warm, sunny pictures on days when I’m running through ice and snow covered streets.

Seeing “unsporty” in print got me thinking. I’ve always considered myself to be “unsporty”. Although I’ve always been naturally fit, I’ve never been naturally athletic. In fact, I still have nightmares about standing at bat while playing baseball missing one pitch after another. The last time I played soccer on the beach I kicked the sand so hard, instead of the ball, that I broke a toe. I’m also so uncoordinated that I’ve been known to walk into a closet door when trying to make a dramatic exit after being right in an argument. Yeah – try to recover from that!

Now, in the past, I’ve often had years go by without a pair of running shoes in the house. I’ve been the one to hold up everyone when we were going for a walk because I was struggling to find something appropriate to wear on a trail. When I started running and decided I was going to keep running, I still didn’t get “the gear” thing and I was sure I would never be one of the people who spent a fortune on a pair of tights. Not that gear makes someone a runner, but it’s how my transformation started. I gradually went from a running shoe free closet in shades of black and gray to devoting a whole section to my brightly (happy) colored running gear. (don’t get me started on my Garmin)


I still regularly trip up stairs and can’t play sports that require coordination – and my running buddies know better than to point at something when we’re running because there is a very real chance that I will run sideways and take both of us down in seconds. I also mentally track calories on a long run and fantasize about the huge bacon, cheese and onion ring covered burger that I will eat when I’m done. But, somewhere along the line I went from mocking “healthnuts” to being the one who brings their running gear everywhere and gets up early on vacation to get a run in. Somehow, without even realizing it … I’ve become a sporty chick. 🙂

Oh, and I think Unsporty Woman might actually be sporty too. 😉

– Jackie –Jackie


6 thoughts on “Becoming “Sporty”

  1. It’s always fun to see how we’ve transitioned – and I think finding the color in my running apparel brought color into every aspect of my life, both in clothing and attitude! We define sporty – sporty doesn’t define us!

  2. This is what I love about runners–we come in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of backgrounds, but we all love to run. There’s no one definition for a runner, in my opinion. A runner is someone who only gets out once a week for a short run and a runner is someone who trains throughout the year for a marathon. A runner is someone who has one pair of sneakers and a runner is someone whose entire shoe collection consists of running sneakers. The common thread? We just love running. 🙂

    So, “sporty” or not, you’re still a runner.

  3. Jealous of your wardrobe! 😀

  4. Thank you Jackie 🙂 You have blown my cover hehe. I guess we are all unsporty until we find a sport that we love. Growing up I had the concept that we had to excel at a sport in order to be truly sporty. Now I know that’s it’s just having a go that makes us sporty.

    I love your organised colourful cupboard! When I bought my first pair of proper running capris pants I made a contract with myself that I had to keep running until the capris pants were worn out – they are worn out now but I’m still running. I guess ‘unsporty’ is only a label but one I wear proudly hehe 🙂 Thanks for the lovely mention in your post 🙂

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