You want me to do what? Attempting – and kind of failing – Yoga.

Since I injured my leg and I have take a short break from running, I’ve been doing some yoga. For two days in a row, I did a 25 minute Yoga for Runners, I really enjoyed this video and it went well, so today I decided to do a 50 minute Free Yoga Class Vinyasa Flow All Levels Beginners Athletes Runners (that’s me right?).


Most of it was fine. Although I can’t come close to touching my toes, I found that there were a number of poses that I was surprised that I could do well. Until all of the sudden, she threw in something she called crow pose…

… and I found myself in a giggling, crumpled pile on the floor. Does that look like a beginner yoga pose? Mandy says they do that pose in the P90X videos and they tell you to wait in child’s pose if you aren’t experienced enough to do it.



I feel safe in child’s pose…

Other than that I really enjoyed it. The 50 minutes went by fast. I also think yoga is helping my running injury. I’m going to that video again. And I’m going to do it until I can do that pose!

Oh, and since I did it in front of a large mirror and I know what I look like, I am also never, EVER, doing yoga in front of anyone…


(hoping I can get closer to my toes than this by the end of the month)

– Jackie –Jackie


6 thoughts on “You want me to do what? Attempting – and kind of failing – Yoga.

  1. I can’t touch my toes either – I keep working on it daily… stretching, pilates, foam rolling you name it! I think my arms are getting shorter actually 🙂 I hope you make it to you toes hehe

  2. I find yoga helps a lot with the injuries I’ve had! I just started up again and use an app called Yoga Studio. I play it on my iPad streaming to my Apple TV so I can watch it larger. It’s super relaxing (more so than those videos – both of them kind of annoyed me LOL) and there are all sorts of pre-built programs available in different times or you can pick and choose from their database and build your own program. Great app and I think it was only $3 if you have an iPhone or iPad. I don’t think they have an Android app.

    • Thanks for passing that information on, that’s good to know. My fellow blogger Mandy might like that for her iPad. (I’m still a die hard Blackberry user). I have been serching for more videos since this post and have found some more I like (that are less annoying 😉 )

  3. Thanks for linking the videos, I’m always looking for new ones. We have a Wii U that connects to You-Tube so I can watch these on the TV.

    I can’t touch my toes either but hoping one day I’ll be able to and I’m sure I’d be a crumpled mess trying to attempt Crow Pose. 🙂 Diehard Crackberry user here too but looking into Android soon.

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