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Today this post comes from our expert-knitting-sister-in-law, Tabitha.  She took up knitting relatively recently, but she has quickly become a pro and addict.  You might be wondering what knitting has to do with running.  Well, if running doesn’t provide you with enough mental stimulation, you can always combine the two activities for an eccentric hobby like this guy.  

Image via

Image via

Or not.  But seriously, all runners need a little balance in their lives, so why not knitting?  Jackie knits, I crochet a little, and many of our friends do too.   So every once in awhile, for something a little different, we are going to talk about knitting.  Enjoy!


I am a knitter. A crazy yarn sniffing, obsessed with fibre, thought consuming knitter. I recently took up knitting and finally found something I am passionate for.   I am currently working on a cardigan for my cousin. The pattern is Newborn Vertebrae.


The sweater just covers the back and is very slim in the front. It uses raglan shaping method. I had only ever tried knitting one sweater before and it turned out not so great. The kind that I put away and never plan on giving anyone. So I was skeptical of this pattern, but decided to go ahead anyways. After knitting the first couple rows I could tell this was a great pattern. The use of markers and kfb (knit front and back) increases quickly showed the shape of the cardigan emerging. My confidence was boosted to continue. The body knit up quickly, and I was on to the arms. The arms are placed on waste yarn earlier in the pattern and picked up at this point. They are knit in the round. I wondered if I should leave the arms short but decided to make them long. The ends are finished with knit one, purl one ribbing on a smaller needle. The last step was to pick up the stitches along the raw edge and knit the knit one, purl one ribbing.


After weaving in all the loose ends I soaked the sweater in Soak fabric wash, then laid it flat and shaped it.


I really happy with the final result of this pattern. I liked it so much that I bought the pattern for the baby sizing.

I used yarn I bought at the Knitters Fair this summer. It’s Bootsie Loo, by Studio Loo.

The front of my finished sweater

The front of my finished sweater

And the back.



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