The Rules of Running

It took a lot of will power to get out the door this morning. It was a yucky and cold (-10C) gray morning when I started out the door.


By the time I was done running my 5k it was sunny and beautiful and I was so glad I went – I didn’t even feel the cold anymore.



Unfortunately I realized 1.5k into my run that my Garmin was full and I hadn’t been recording my run. This drives me crazy – now I know I did 5k, but Strava only thinks I did 3.5… 😉

By the way, I came across this link today and I enjoyed it. Thought I’d pass on this Coach’s Rules of Running from It doesn’t take long, but it’s a must read. A good reminder of why we run, how to keep it fun and some great rules of etiquette. Enjoy!


Question: What’s your favorite Rule of Running?


– Jackie –



One thought on “The Rules of Running

  1. #31 & 34, was a great list, humour & truth…lol

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