A Spectacular Ice Storm and Week 3 of our Run Through December Challenge

Jackie’s Update:  Well, my week got off to a rough start, like I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I was reminded (the hard way) that I am no longer 25 and I can’t sprint down a mountain without consequences. Since I couldn’t move my back or neck and I managed to strain a muscle in my calf, I was forced to take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off from running. Thurday through Saturday went like this:

Thursday – 5k (should have stopped at 3)
Friday – 1 mile (ran with my 14-year-old, nursing my calf)
Saturday – 3.1k (brisk walk with my husband – still sore calf)

There was no running to be done Sunday because our city looked like this:


Our power was off for over 10 hours and the thick ice and freezing rain brought everything to a standstill. We did get to play a great game of Settlers of Catan though and I got to do some crosswords by candlelight.

Weekly total: 9.7k
Monthly total: 53.6k

Hope you had  better week than me Mandy!

– Jackie – Jackie

Mandy’s Update: Unfortunately, no.  I definitely had a bad week and my streak is officially broken.  15 days in.  Thinking back, I thought I had only missed a few days, but when I checked my activities on Strava, I was only out for one run this week.  Yikes!  I’m not going to list my excuses (that ice storm was pretty incredible though), but it just didn’t happen for me this week.  I’m hoping that I can finish the last nine days of the month off strong.


Wednesday – 3km (All the snow we’ve been getting was finally starting to turn into ice.  I tried out my new Icespikes for the first time.  I had mixed feelings about them, but I want to review them in detail in a few weeks.)

Weekly total: 3km (Oh my!)

Monthly total: 50km

-Mandy- DSC_0815_3 2


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