Some things I saw running in Vermont …


Filing cabinet tower in Burlington, VT

I went for a short run up Mountain road near Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont this morning. I only did a 3k total out and back and still managed 137m of elevation. Here’s a couple pictures from our walk up to the Notch this afternoon. Later this week we run it.


Walk up Mountain Road – Frozen Waterfall


Walk up Mountain Road – Mount Mansfield.


Almost at the top of Mountain Road.

– Jackie – Jackie


4 thoughts on “Some things I saw running in Vermont …

  1. I love it up there!! I know exactly where that filing cabinet tower is. I ran down in that area while visiting family in Burlington for Labor Day. And they took us through the Notch too. They are planning a hike of Mt. Mansfield sometime in the spring I think.

  2. What a beautiful place to run. I love the waterfall. Do you run it in the summer too?

  3. SQUEEEE! I stayed at Smuggler’s Notch this past May for vacation and LOVED IT SO MUCH. I count down the days that I can go back! And, yes, we had the most amazing time hiking the trails.

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