Lulu Love: Base Runner Hoodie

When I started the 31 Day Running Challenge at the beginning of December, I quickly realized I was lacking some warm running clothes in my closet.  A couple of sweaters just doesn’t cut it when you are running every day.   But happily, I had ordered a little present for myself that arrived on Tuesday.

Base Runner Hoodie

Base Runner Hoodie from Lululemon

I’m in love with my new hoodie.  It is so soft and cozy, and I want to wear it all the time.  In fact, I may have worn it to work this week.


Some features that I’m really liking:

  • The fabric feels like butter.  Like a butter hug.  Hmm…I’m not very good at describing apparently.  Does a butter hug sound good to you?
  • The length is perfect.  It sits at the hips, and helps to keep your bum warm.
  • The arm cuffs have a double layer that keeps your hands toasty and looks cute.  There is also a reflective strip on the cuffs.  You can see in the picture above how reflective it is.

Neck Warmer

  • The hood is what I like the most.  It have so much fabric.  When it’s down, it acts like a cozy neck warmer.  When it’s up, it’s like a hat and scarf in one.  I don’t think the hood looks very nice on me when it’s up, but it keeps me so toasty warm that I don’t care.


  • The gathering on the back is pretty cute too.  You can see it in the picture below.


The only thing I don’t love about the sweater is that there is no venting under the arms.  It would have made the sweater a bit more practical, but honestly, I like the way it looks without it.  I feel like I can wear this sweater without it obviously looking like running gear.

I just thought I’d share my new purchase, since it’s been making me smile this week.   If you were thinking about buying the Base Runner Hoodie, I’d definitely recommend it.

-Mandy DSC_0815_3 2


3 thoughts on “Lulu Love: Base Runner Hoodie

  1. This running shirt looks like a great addition to a runners wardrobe! I WANT! I have been off the running for a bit over 2 weeks as I had a minor foot surgery, but stitches are out and I want to run! However, I too, am afraid that I do not have anything warm enough now in my closet. Do you wear this under another jacket or on its own? Where I live, It’s REALLLYYY cold – and I DONT LIKE IT! 😉 What other winter running gear to you swear by? Any info is much appreciated! Thank you 🙂

    • mandyoutrunning

      The weather has been a few degrees below freezing here. I’ve worn this sweater with a down vest and I felt cold in the beginning, but warmed up as I ran. Today it was a little colder and windy, so I wore a light, windbreaker on top. I was toasty right from the beginning, which made me happy. Last year, my main complaint was a cold butt! 🙂 I’ve been layering a pair of running shorts over my tights and it makes such a difference. Stay warm when you get back out there!

  2. A butter hug on a cold day sounds wonderful. Love the hoodie, you look fabulous in it! Makes me want to go out and get one for next winter 🙂

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