Yeah, I’d run that…


I reached an interesting level in running I never thought I’d encounter.  I really started out just running to get in shape. I hated every moment of it. My friend Shannon, who inspired me to start running, loved running. I couldn’t wrap my head around loving it and I never thought that I would never be one of those people. I would always struggle through it. Slowly though, it started changing for me. At first I still didn’t enjoy it, but when I saw other people running, I thought “oh, I wish I was running”. Then I started actually enjoying parts of my run and the feeling of pushing myself which was, believe me, something new for me.

It has progressed for me into wanting, or needing to bring my running gear with me almost everywhere I go. Going to a friends house…they live near a park right? Going camping…ooo, they have treed paths there. Going to the cottage…yay beach running. Actually, I’ve never had more enjoyable half marathon training than my training runs in Bayfield. I’d run my 17 – 20k  through streets of quaint cottages. I’d finish my runs down by the beach and stand in lake Huron for 10 minutes to cool down before heading to the Pink Flamingo Bakery for a pink lemonade cupcake and a coffee. Oh my, a cupcake(s) never tasted so good.

So now, wherever I go I see somewhere I’d like to run. Not far from my house they paved a bike path beside a busy road. It’s 2k long and has a dotted yellow line down the middle, it’s just begging me to run it. If I see a road with a steep hill I wonder how many meters of elevation it has. Running has given me a totally new appreciation for my surroundings…


Oh yeah – I’d run that!

– Jackie – Jackie


6 thoughts on “Yeah, I’d run that…

  1. I have the exact same feeling, Jackie, when I see a path or road or trail that I’d like to run. There are a couple of rail trails (old railroad lines that are no longer in service and recommissioned as bike/walk/run trails) that I have driven by and sworn to go back and run on them. It’s great to be a runner, and see just how the sport does change us physically, mentally and emotionally. Keep running happy!! 😀 Kim

  2. I have learned that I like running most days but LOVE racing, even if I am only racing against myself.

    I think the same thing when I see a hill!

  3. Runner’s porn! Awesome!

  4. Yes, you’ve got it! For years, actually for decades, I’ve carried my running gear with me wherever I go. And get me as far from the road as possible. The more remote, the better. Run from the mountains to the sea. The joy of running never stops giving back. Stay well. Jim

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