So I’m a little bummed out because I just found out my running shoes aren’t available anymore. I have these great Muzuno Wave Inspire 9’s in blue – my second pair now. I started getting a little worried the other day when I was browsing for shoes and the online store I was checking out didn’t have my size. I spent about an hour the other night checking every online store I could find and they’re gone in my size. I even went far enough that today I went to a running store to try on a half size down to see if I could squeeze into them. I know – I’ve come to my senses.


When I first made the switch to the Mizunos, I liked them the minute I put them on. They still offered me support, but they were noticeably lighter than my old shoes. I felt super-fast in them too.  But it was during the middle of my second marathon that I fell in love with them. I was running the Mississauga Marathon in the spring, and was in the part that I find really difficult – that mind numbing 10k stretch between the 22k and 32k mark. Running a marathon is often emotional anyway – and a lot of weird thoughts go through my head during that “blah” part – like when I tripped and caught myself so I didn’t fall, and then was disappointed because I thought, if I just fall and break my leg, the guy on the bike will get the ambulance and I’ll never have to run again. That’s how crazy that middle 10k gets for me. Anyway, I was running down a city street and since it was a busier road there wasn’t a lot of crowd support. I heard a noise and looked across the street to my left and there was a woman with her little boy in his buggy and he was pointing and saying something, she bent down to him, then yelled across the street “He likes your blue shoes”. I waved to him and that little emotional moment kept me going for a bit…and I fell in love with my shoes.


(looking a little worse for wear after our muddy hill run)

I’m sure a lot of you know how I feel. You know that feeling when you find the brand of shoes that were just made for you. Of course I knew they wouldn’t make my shoes forever and I’ll have to move on, but I really loved my blue feet. I don’t like white and gray options that are available in December, but in January yellow and blue (but not the same…) will be available. My local Running Room store has the Wave Inspire 9 in pink, so I’ll get a pair, and then I’m sure I’ll (gulp) be able to deal with the new Wave Inspire 10’s.


(the new Wave Inspire 10’s available in January, 2014)

But I’ll really miss my blue Mizunos.

(ooo – but if you know a place that has them in a 8.5…)



  1. The Inspire isn’t being discontinued. A new version of it will come out soon

    • Sorry Joey, I didn’t mean they were discontinuing the shoe, but the Inpire 9’s are gone. I’m sure I’ll get used to the 10’s, that is a picture of a couple of the colors available at the bottom of my post, but I just love the ones I have now. I fear change. 😉

      • No worries. I work at a running shop and a lot of people really think a shoe has been discontinued when really it is still around. I didn’t want you to think your shoe wasn’t being made anymore.

      • I changed the post so that it says “aren’t available anymore” instead of “discontinued” so I don’t freak any Wave Inspire wearers out. So, working in a running shop, do you ever get sick of talking about running? Just curious.

      • Nope! Running is my passion. I want to run as much as I can and even talk about it too. Each customer is unique and has their own story. So it’s actually a very fun job

  2. Semantics! Wave Inspire 10 does not even compare to the 9. So in my humble opinion, it has been discontinued. I too searched high and low for any color in size 9.5. I hear Mizuno has had a LOT of negative feedback on the 10 and will begin an 11 later this year which should be more like the 9. Anyway, my question is-what brand did you find that was comparable? Training for a marathon and I am seriously thinking of running in my old WI9’s as have not found a pair that doesn’t do something to my foot. I know, whine, whine, whine….

    • Funny you should ask now. I managed to find a couple pairs of the 9’s before they were sold out (in pink unfortunately) and I’ve been wearing those. My last pair is halfway through it’s life though, so I broke down and bought a pair of the 10s. I have been afraid to wear them because they feel completely different. I’ll let you know when I take them for a spin. In the meantime if you find something suitable let me know. Hopefully the 11s will be better. 🙂 Have a great marathon!

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