Energy Balls with coconut, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate and dried cranberries

I love eating junk food. Well, I just love eating in general, but I love snacking, and sometimes I just need that little something to eat with my coffee, finish a meal or snack on before a run. (sigh – my 14 year old son just read the title of this post over my shoulder and started giggling about the name Energy Balls.) Anyway, I’ve been attempting to find some healthy snack alternatives lately and this recipe caught my eye on Pinterest.
(Okay, now my lovely husband just read the title and started laughing – there are too many boys in this house)

Energy Balls with coconut, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate and dried cranberries

The picture looked awesome and they sounded good so I tried them. The recipe says to make 10 pieces but I made 14. I would recommend you make more and make them small, because it is nice to have bite-sized pieces. It tastes best when you get all the flavors together.

I figured out the nutrition information using

Formed into 14 pieces:                         Formed into 10 pieces:
71 calories                                                99 cal
12g carbs                                                 17g carbs
1g protein                                                2g protein
6g fat                                                        8g fat
2g fiber                                                    3g fiber

I really enjoyed this recipe, it was pretty quick and easy to make and they are filling and yummy. I think they’d make a good alternative to energy bars too. Check out the recipe website and enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Energy Balls with coconut, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate and dried cranberries

  1. Yum!!! I can’t wait to try these!

  2. They are really good Jackie! … Even with prunes, instead of dates. 🙂

  3. Wow! These look amazing! And since I have developed quite a sweet tooth over the holidays, I think these will take me back to the healthier sweet treats! Great post 🙂

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