Getting out the Door

For me it’s true that the hardest step you take in running is that step out your front door.

first step

Yesterday I donned my running gear, then spent 2 hours doing things around the house and not running. I finally figured I should just get out the door and do a 3k and then I would have at least done something – it did look nice out. I got my running shoes and Garmin and last minute grabbed my water bottle. When I stepped out the front door, I decided to set my Garmin to a 10 minute run, 1 minute walk workout – this sometimes encourages me to go a bit further when I’m not feeling particularly motivated.

Well, it turned out to be a beautiful day. It’s been so cold here and yesterday was mild enough to run with no gloves, hat or jacket. The sun was out, there was a mild breeze and the smell of fall was all around. I went out for a quick 3k but was rewarded with an enjoyable 9k – yes I said rewarded, it’s kind of neat when you get to the point in your running where the run (not just the Starbucks after) can be the reward. I’m going to try and remember this run all winter. No matter how I feel before I open the front door – I’m always glad I went out.

Oh, and I saw a chicken on the sidewalk. (But of course I got pictures of boring trees, not the chicken – brilliant)
Enjoy your run today!

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5 thoughts on “Getting out the Door

    • Yes! I live in a city too. And the funny thing is I had been looking for something to take a picture of on my run. Around 8k a came upon it and said outloud “Oh, a chicken” then ran past. It was too late when I realized that would have been a great pic!

  1. Funny…. I just wrote a blog post the other day on running up on chickens. I lucked out and got pics. I love coming up on different things.

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