I think I ran one of my favorite races this month at Pinery Provincial Park. It was a beautiful crisp but sunny October morning. The 10k was a fairly flat course with slight rolling hills. An out and back starting at the visitor center and going out towards the Dunes area and back. I enjoyed how peaceful this run was. Just a line of runners, a nice rolling paved road and plenty of trees and scenery. I felt happy and relaxed the whole run, not a car or a house to be seen.

The run was well organized even though it was a small run. Although they didn’t offer timing chips, they said they are thinking of having them next year. A friend of mine enjoyed running the 5k and our kids had a blast doing the 2k. The 200m Fawn Run was a joy to watch – little runners in the making.

This is a great race to go to for a personal best.

The Pinery Park race weekend also includes a Saturday 4k or 8k trail run (a 4k loop) that looks like a challenging but fun 4k or 8k run that includes paved road, stairs, beach and paths.

The only things that put a damper on the weekend were that I was unavailable for the Hog-nosed Snake trail run and that my fellow Out Running blogger Mandy wasn’t there running.  Next year the Road Race and the Trail race are a must do on my race roster.



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